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David's first book, Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury was released in late 2012. It has become one of the top reader-rated books about concussion/TBI on Amazon today. 

The paperback version is availalbe on Amazon. The digital version is available "forever free" to anyone looking to learn more about brain injury.

Amazon Reader Reviews

"This book is a gift to anyone who has questioned their long-term health after a brain injury. Also helpful for family members and friends who are having a difficult time relating to loved ones after a head injury. If we could get this book into the hands of every neurologist or counselors who specialize in head injuries, the world would be a better place."

"This fills a missing link in the medical community's assistance in dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury. The honesty in David Grant's portrayal of his experiences may give a bone chilling insight into an epidemic in the US today. We have talked to David about our son's TBI following a serious car accident. He is doing his part to help family and friends understand a loved one 's actions and feelings following a TBI. We have purchased 5 copies to give family and friends . The book is easy to read, printed as to assist an individual with brain trauma to read. It Is surprisingly entertaining reading due to David Grant's unfailing optimism and sense of humor. Bless him! This is a good read."

"As the wife of a veteran with PTSD, my heart goes out to anyone with PTSD or TBI, or as in David's case, both. I love how he says, "With the passage of time, new perspectives are gained, new insights emerge." Truly evident in his gripping account. Thank you, David, for baring your soul to provide encouragement to all who share a similar journey. Forever changed, but also grateful. Way to go, David! And God bless Sarah too. "

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