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David A. Grant

Speaker Services

Spanning over thirty years, my relationship with heartfelt communication has evolved as much as I have. I have a passion for wrapping my unique life experience as a true survivor around a wide range of topics in a way that will make you think, come away deeply inspired and perhaps change your life.

Conference Attendees Share

“Excellent engagement with the audience!”

“He touched my heart. He was great.” 

“Powerful & Personal!”

“Very touching – gave me a completely different view  on what an individual with an TBI goes through. A text book can only teach  you so much."

"Thank you for this presentation. It was a gift.”

Credentials & Experience

Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury - international distribution

Slices of Life after Traumatic Brain Injury - international distribution

HOPE After Brain Injury Magazine

Contributing Writer
Chicken Soup for the Soul Publications

Staff Blogger - a PBS supported web prsesence 

Board Member
Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

Board Member
Brain Injury Support Team

Brain Injury Canada Keynote Speaker
2017 Conference

University of Washington Keynote Speaker
2016 Conference

BIAMD Keynote Speaker
2016 Conference 

BIACT Keynote Speaker
2015 Conference

BIARI Keynote Speaker
2015 Conference

BIAME Keynote Speaker

– 2013 Conference

Writer - Brain Injury Journey Magazine
Distribution 150,000

Regular Columnist & Writer

HOPE After Brain Injury Social Community - 25,000+ members

David A. Grant

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