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"Metamorphosis: Surviving Brain Injury by David Grant describes one man’s journey through the incredible struggles and victories following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI). As a survivor, he shares his expertise and provides education, support and encouragement to others with MTBI, their families, friends and healthcare professionals. He tells how one’s life can change on every level in a split second. His account is amazingly honest and heartfelt, with a touch of humor.

David explains how his injury has changed his life, including memory loss, communication difficulties, physical symptoms, emotional responses and behavior changes. He also shows us the face of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which so often accompanies MTBI. We travel with him on his road thus far and see how the turns and detours have taken him to a new place, one with more acceptance, appreciation and optimism.
I am a speech-language pathologist in an outpatient rehabilitation setting. I have worked with numerous persons with MTBI who so often tell me that they have listened enough to the doctors, the lawyers, etc. and want to hear from someone who “really gets it”. David really gets it. If you are a survivor of MTBI, I highly recommend this book. If you are someone who lives with, knows, loves or works with a survivor of MTBI, I also highly recommend you read this book. Not only will it help you “get it” but it teaches important life lessons to all of us.

To quote David “The value of real friends in times of crisis, having someone's hand to hold when the path ahead is dark and uncertain, knowing deep inside, that against all odds, life will indeed go on."
   ~Barbara Capobianco, M.S. CCC/SLP

Book Reviews

Best TBI book I've read 
I am TBI survivor. Both my wife and I have read many books on TBI. This is an honest, accurate representation of this injury. As the book says, no two injuries and the results are the same, but there are certain aspects that seem to be common to all. Very well written and easily read.

A Ring-Side Seat - TBI/Concussion Insights
This is an amazing perspective on Traumatic Brain Injury, written by a TBI survivor two years after the accident that left him "permanently disabled." His struggles are heart-breaking but his determination and generosity are inspiring. I have been learning about traumatic brain injury myself for the past two years, in my case as a friend of a survivor and as a learning specialist. The impact of this injury on survivors and their families is applling and we see ample evidence of this in the book: health care professionals who were less than helpful but happy to take his money, the frustrating lack of help from insurance, the fading away of old friends, the challenges that must have seemed overwhelming, and the struggle with depression and PTSD in addition to the physical and mental damage .
As a professional I treat brain injury, develop materials to retrain injured brains, and blog about TBI and concussion. I found David Grant's story compelling but I wish he had provided the sorts of information that probably would have bored anyone without my psychological preoccupation. I experienced the same frustration in reading My Stroke of Insight. I want to ask, " Yes, but what did you do, in excruciating detail please, to make progress since your injury?"
For any normal reader wanting to understand one man's experiences as a result of this injury, I heartily recommend this book. And I celebrate the special mix of intelligence, courage, and talent that allowed the author to share such a remarkable journey.

New Perspective Truly Gained
As the wife of a veteran with PTSD, my heart goes out to anyone with PTSD or TBI, or as in David's case, both. I love how he says, "With the passage of time, new perspectives are gained, new insights emerge." Truly evident in his gripping account. Thank you, David, for baring your soul to provide encouragement to all who share a similar journey. Forever changed, but also grateful. Way to go, David! And God bless Sarah too.

I am a TBI caregiver and a survivor as well. This is a MUST READ for everyone dealing with TBI caregiver or survivor. One note for survivors, if you are dealing w/PTSD as well, there were some triggers, breathe & focus, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Worth reading if you know a traumatic brain injured individual
This fills a missing link in the medical community's assistance in dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury. The honesty in David Grant's portrayal of his experiences may give a bone chilling insight into an epidemic in the US today. We have talked to David about our son's TBI following a serious car accident. He is doing his part to help family and friends understand a loved one 's actions and feelings following a TBI. We have purchased 5 copies to give family and friends . The book is easy to read, printed as to assist an individual with brain trauma to read. It Is surprisingly entertaining reading due to David Grant's unfailing optimism and sense of humor. Bless him! This is a good read.

As a 10 year TBI survivor David's story made me cry! As I was subjected to so many similar things! I have never heard from another survivor it did my heart good! So, similar yet so different as we are individuals. Thank you David for sharing your journey!!!!

Trying to learn
My sister had a brain tumor removed and we are trying to learn all we can as she recovers and has very little short term memory. This book gave me a lot of good ideas to help her and I quickly shared with other family members to read.

A must read!
As a survivor myself i strongly urge others to read this book whether your a survivor, caregiver, friend, family member or a professional it is a MUST read! Also a big thumbs up to David as it couldn't have been easy writing your story i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing! You have helped me so much!

Amazing story of the trials of surviving and living with traumatic head injury
David writes with honesty and vulnerability what many are feeling. I congratulate him on his efforts to bring light on the "silent epidemic" of those of us living in this new world skewed by the life altering events of TBI. Also in helping us feel a little less crazy and alone in our new reality. Thank you!

Very comprehensive book about brain injury from a personal standpoint.
This is an excellent book for anyone who is recovering from brain injury or anyone who has a family member who is recovering from brain injury. By telling his story David Grant helps others to understand the many unexpected difficulties that arise. Mr. Grant's book helps those with a brain injury to feel more,"normal". His book helps friends and family understand what their loved one is going through.

Really, really good!
This is a must read for anyone who has had a TBI. Well written and very informative. I can't recommend this highly enough.

Metamorphosis Surviving Brain Injury
David's honest account and positivity are an inspiration to other TBI sufferers all over the world, and I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been affected by or knows someone affected by a TBI. Thanks for being such a support to us all over the world David, you rock!

Very good book
As a survivor of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) I really feel identified with the author, I would highly recommend this book to any one that has survived it, lives with or knows anyone that has gone through it or just want to learn about it.

A very informative book
A friend recommended this book to me after my wife had a bicycle accident and resulting TBI that hospitalized her for six weeks (and counting). I found the book to be very informative and a bit chilling concerning the challenges we are likely to face over the coming years but forewarned is forearmed and I'm glad to have read it. I don't know that I'd recommend it for TBI victims early in their recovery as it might be discouraging to realize that they may face late onset problems while they're trying to come to grips with their current difficulties.

Great book
This is an excellent book on anyone that has had a brain injury or a family member or friend to read to explain what the person with the brain injury is going through. Really good.

Powerful Story
This is a well-written and powerful story that sheds light on a "silent epidemic." This book offers tremendous insight into the world of TBI. As a registered nurse, it was helpful for me to read a survivor's story of the challenges that are faced on a daily basis. The author's tenacity is admirable. As we journey with him down the road of recovery, there is message of hope that shines through. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been affected by a TBI, health care professionals; or anyone else who may need to be encouraged to keep going no matter what you may be going through.

Thanks, David
David's journey helped give me a better understanding of my own son's TBI. I believe this book will help many families.

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